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Penguin Friends DIY Crochet Material Pack

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Once upon a time, in a distant ice kingdom, there lived three very special penguins, known for their unique colors and personalities.

The first is Penguin Cute, a plump blue penguin boy with yellow feet and hair, and a white belly. He is a born optimist, always smiling and bringing joy to the Ice and Snow Kingdom. His hobbies are skating and playing snowballs, and he always finds the best ice cubes to make delicious ice cream.

Next is Penguin King, a majestic black plump penguin boy. He also has yellow feet and hair, and also has a white belly in front. He is the ruler of the Penguin Kingdom. He always acts seriously, but has a tender place in his heart. He likes to organize various activities in the kingdom to ensure that every penguin can enjoy the fun of ice and snow.

Finally, there is Penguin Candy, a plump pink penguin girl with yellow feet, a red bow, and a red heart in front of her. She was the sweetheart of the kingdom and always radiated love and care. Her hobby is making colorful ice sculptures and decorating the kingdom's palaces.

These three penguins lived a happy and harmonious life in the ice and snow kingdom. Their stories spread throughout Antarctica, letting all animals know about this colorful kingdom.

This summer vacation, three penguins came to DK YARN, bringing us more adventures and laughter.

We will also offer DIY summer crochet experience classes.Click here to browse more information and register online.

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