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Knitting Terms and Symbols

English EnglishJapanese JapaneseChinese 中文Symbol symbol
Stitch(s)Cataloging / Catalogingneedle 
Cast onworkStart needle 
Cast offFushimeNarrow the needle 
KnitTable of Contentslow needle
Yarn Overかけ目Empty needleО
(TogetherSecond eye level on the upper left2 stitches and 1 stitch on the upper left side 
Together through back of loopSecond eye level on the upper right2 stitches and 1 stitch on the upper right 
[K1,p1] rib一目ゴム集みOne needle high and one needle low 
[K2,p2] rib二目ゴム本みTwo needles high and two needles low 
Garter StitchEdited by ガーターFull low stitch [single and double row knitting] 
Stocking StitchEdited by メリヤスみOne row high and one row low [single and double row weaving] 
Right sideedi's surface表面 
Wrong SideInside the editor's place裏面 
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Reference: Craft Yarn Council

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