Knit Pack – Muffler 201

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Recommended Knitting Method: Using 6-7mm Circular Needle (40cm), Cast on 60 stitches (for one round) and knit in circular all along.

Total: ZARA x 6 balls (50g@) [or you can choose 2 colours, with 3 balls (50g@) for each colour]

Approximate Size: around 1.6m long x 15cm width (similar to the image)

*Knit pack includes the knitting materials only, e.g. yarn & needles. It does not include the final works and accessories.

*Teaching is not available at our shop. For beginners, please refer to our tutorial videos – Stripe Circular Muffler for basic knitting techniques.

YARN (Choose 1st Colour)
YARN (Choose 2nd Colour)
Circular Needle (40cm)
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