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KnitPro Pre Stretched Fabric Frames

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The Pre-Stretched Base Fabric Frame is a sturdy wooden frame that securely holds fabric in place, providing a stable fabric surface for your punch needle embroidery. By eliminating wrinkles and loose areas, this box ensures a smooth and precise punching experience. These frames are perfect for those who want a quick and hassle-free punching experience. They are perfect for hanging on the wall and perfect for gifting to your loved ones. Two different shapes - rectangular and square for you to choose from, two frames of different sizes and fabrics, provide options for weaving different styles of artwork.

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How to punch a hole

First, we need a punch needle, pre-stretched frame/base fabric, yarn, and a design or pattern to reference. Once you have your materials ready, start punching holes in the fabric according to your design.

One of the advantages of punch needle embroidery is its speed, as the needle penetrates the fabric quickly and creates a circle in a short time. This makes it a great choice for larger fabrics or when you want to complete a design quickly.

Punch stitch embroidery offers a wide range of design possibilities, allowing you to weave simple geometric patterns, abstract designs, and all unique fabrics – from simple decorative wall art to one-of-a-kind personal accessories and home décor fabrics. A fun and satisfying way to express your art visually.



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