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Prym Ergonomics Crochet Hook

$70.00 - $330.00

This crochet hook has a comfortable and warm feel and is designed to work easily without causing stress on the wrist. The high-gloss polished needle body design makes every stitch smooth, while the non-slip ergonomically designed plastic material makes crocheting tiring and enjoyable. Each size of crochet hook has a corresponding fresh color so you can quickly find the right crochet hook from the work basket. This Prym ergonomically designed crochet hook for thick threads won the 2014 German Red Dot Design Award.

  • The needle design is comfortable, light and elastic, and has a warm feel.
  • Each stitch can easily slide through the needle body and improved crochet head
  • Ergonomic design to reduce fatigue caused by using tools
  • Needle body design in different colors for easy identification of different sizes

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Length 0.17 × 0.08m


Fiber Content

100% High-Performance Synthetic Material



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