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The 10 Most Common Terms in Crochet Skills

English abbreviationsEnglish中文
RroundNumber of segments/turns
chchain stitchLock stitch
scsingle crochetshort needle
slst or ssslip stitchlead
incincrease (single crochet twice in the same stitch)Short needle plus needle
Decemberdecrease (single crochet two stitches together)
single crochet 2 together
Short stitch reduction stitch
hdchalf double crochetmedium length needle
dcdouble crochetlong needle
tctriple crochetlong needle

short needle

The shortest stitch can produce a tighter structure. Usually the standing stitch at the beginning does not count as 1 stitch, and every time after that when counting knitting needles, the needle of the previous short stitch passes through two threads.

medium length needle

The medium-long needle is between the height of the short needle and the long needle. Start with 2 stitches as the height, and then start hooking from the next stitch (that is, the 3rd stitch). For medium-length needles, first hang a thread on the needle, then pull the two threads through the knitted fabric together, and continue knitting.

long needle

Long needles are the most commonly used needle method. There is one more standing stitch than the medium-long needle, that is, 3 stitches should be set as the height at the beginning, hang a thread on the needle, and then pass two threads through the 5th stitch and do 2 pull-outs.

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