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KnitPro “DAY & NITE” Set


"Night and day" - that's how often the knitting artist wants to use these needles. Combining contrasting black and natural tones on one needle, these elegant removable needles instantly allow you to knit all types of yarns with just the right support for you.

Knitting with beautiful black yarn? no problem. Just turn the needle and you can see the natural background and see clearly.

Need to see how a fun stitch is knitted with a fun color scheme? Turn the needle smoothly to expose the black side and you will see the colored stitches.

This special package contains:

  • 8 pairs of standard knitting needles: 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.0 mm, 5.5 mm, 6.0 mm, 7.0 mm and 8.0 mm
  • 4 stainless steel connecting cables: 360° rotation, lengths 60 cm, 80 cm (2 cables) and 100 cm
  • 1 set of cable connectors
  • 4 end caps
  • 2 locking keys
  • Bonus: 4 wooden day and night themed buttons

A set of classic Higurashi soft boxes can store it all - keeping your tools organized and conveniently organized at all times.

The storage box is also a three-dimensional layered artwork, filled with the shape of clouds, and the box is beautiful just holding it.

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